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Limassol Castle

A dominating presence in the old town, Limassol’s Castle has a history that echoes many of Cyprus’ defensive buildings. It was erected by the Lusignans during the crusades and recent excavations revealed both a byzantine fortress and a basilica in its foundations. The castle, still bears the coats of arms of its former owners on its walls and a visit is essential for all guests with a keen interest in history.
It is located 750m from Alinea Suites (9 min walk)

Limassol Marina

Limassol Marina is the height of luxury in Cyprus. It is a cosmopolitan hub for waterfront developments that have breath-taking views of the sea, shopping opportunities, dining, cruises, and exclusive beaches.
Limassol Marina blends eastern and western cultures in a Mediterranean setting.
It is located 950m from Alinea Suites (12 min walk)

Old Port

The recently completed Old Port project has turned the Limassol traditional fishing port into a place full of life, for both locals and visitors who wish to enjoy their time by the sea.
The project features trendy cafes and restaurants, as well as a picturesque pier that stands since 1880 and offers the perfect spot for a romantic walk or a place to sit, relax and enjoy the endless sea view.
It is located 700m from Alinea Suites (9 min walk)

Anexartisias Shopping Street

This is the main shopping street of the city, with clothing stores, footwear and accessories. Anexartisias Street hosts international franchise stores, well known designer brands, local shops, cafes and snack bars.
The Anexartisias Shopping Street is an enjoyable area to walk along, as well as shop and dine at a cafe.
It is located 500m from Alinea Suites (6 min walk)

Saripolou Square and Agora

Saripolou Square the busiest neighbourhood of the centre, and the best location for a coffee, drink, cocktail and delicious food. The regeneration of Limassol centre has become the new lifeline of the city. The four edges of Saripolou square lead to the Castle, the University, the Municipal Market, and the Old Catholic church.
The Limassol Municipal Market, also known as the «Pantopoulio», is energizing. The preserved original building was made of stone and was constructed in 1917. The area of the market is unique and a significant landmark of the city. A contemporary market place is being built in its place with the ancient Greek name of Agora. It consists of local vendors selling traditional Cypriot delicacies and handmade souvenirs.
It is located 300m from Alinea Suites (4 min walk)

Limassol Zoo and Municipal Park

You will see no cages at the Limassol Zoo. More than 300 animals live in spacious enclosures; even the smallest visitors can see them behind low fences. Crocodiles, lions, tigers, zebras, monkeys, mouflons (indigenous species), as well as birds and reptiles from all the continents, reside at the zoo.
Kids can also visit a petting zoo with goats and other domestic animals, and a children’s playground. There is also a Flamingo family cafe overlooking the sea at the zoo.
The Municipal park has a rose garden, children’s playgrounds and benches. An open theatre is located on the park’s premises. The park holds public events, such as the annual wine festival, on a regular basis, every September.
It is located 1.7km from Alinea Suites (20 min walk)

Molos (Walk by the sea)

Between the city and the sea, Molos is more than a promenade; it’s an eye-catching seaside park that stretches from the Old Port to the zoo in a distance of more than 3km.
Molos turns a seaside walk into an art-form, together with playgrounds, rows of palm trees, cafes and benches, there are water features, lawns and sculptures to stroll past.
On Sundays, Limassol’s locals will come to Molos for a family stroll, and if you like you can rent a bike for a few hours to pedal your way along this calm strip of the city’s waterfront.
It is located 700m from Alinea Suites (9 min walk)

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