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Tours and excursions

Curium Ancient Theatre

Kourion is one of the most stunning archaeological sites on the island. It was a great city kingdom and today new treasures are still being discovered there. The surrounding area is a site of constant excavations, proving that we have only just scratched the surface of what Cyprus has to offer from its rich history.

What is most prominent in this site is the Greco – Roman amphitheatre. Ancient villas with extravagant mosaic floors and an early Christian Basilica are among the treasures that are found there. The splendid amphitheatre was built in the 2nd century B.C. and since its restoration, is used for theatre and music performances.

It is located 16km from Alinea Suites (26 min drive)

Kolossi Castle

It was on this site in 1191 AD that the King of England Richard the Lionheart wedded Berengaria of Navarre following his conquest of the island.

The castle was built up during the 13th century by the Knights Hospitalet, and the structure passed between this faction and the rival Knights Templar over the coming centuries.

Today what’s left is the compact keep, a large rectangular courtyard, a well and the ruins of a sugar factory, which was the local industry during medieval times.

It is located 12km from Alinea Suites (23 min drive)

Omodos Village

Omodos Village is made remarkable by its quintessential charm. Its quaint, old-world ambiance makes for an ideal opportunity to immerse oneself in Cypriot culture.

Small local businesses selling homemade wares, small cafes and the village church all paint a picture of an idyllic island life. It is beautifully picturesque, framed by old houses, and whilst it may not offer the most active day out, Omodos is certainly a perfect location to relax in.

It is located 40km from Alinea Suites (45 min drive)

Petra tou Romiou

Is one of the most visited attraction in Cyprus. Also is called ‘’Rock of Aphrodite’’, a name that comes from the legend that Aphrodite, ancient patron goddess of Cyprus, emerged from the sea at this point in a surge of foam before, no doubt, going off to entertain some lovers.

‘Petra tou Romiou’ is one of the most beautiful coastlines and forms one of the most impressive natural sites of Cyprus.

It is located 45km from Alinea Suites (33 min drive)

Limassol Monasteries

The monasteries in general in Cyprus were built after a hermit or hermits had been there originally, often in caves, living a life of spiritual struggle.
Some of the monasteries you can visit are Troditissa Monastery, Timios Prodromos and Agios Georgios Alamanou.

Wine Routes & Wine Villages

From Limassol it won’t take long to get to the southern foothills of the Troodos Mountains. Visit wonderfully unspoilt villages such as Omodos, Vasa, Koilani, Lofou and Vouni with their traditional architecture, cobblestoned narrow passages cheerful surroundings, many of which host some for the best tavernas in Cyprus.

The best reason to make the trip is to take a driving tour of the numerous picturesque villages which make their living from viticulture.

Krassochoria is where small stone settlements are dwarfed by steep hills into which terraced vineyards are etched.

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